People who have been charged with alcohol-related offenses such as driving under the influence often have many misconceptions regarding the arrest.  Although classified as a felony in many states, arrests on alcohol-related offenses is not a certain conviction of fault. Most people charged with an alcohol-related offense would self-represent, and just accept the decision regarding their penalties and fines.

Those charged with driving under the influence, or even boating under the influence or BUI, needs to understand that there are viable defenses that they can use to protect their rights and their driver’s license. They can only self-represent if they have no finances for a lawyer or if they are not entitled for legal help. Choosing to represent yourself in court still requires the help of a lawyer who specializes in alcohol-related offenses and charges.

People should understand that they are risking their driver’s license when they are charged with driving under the influence or BUI even on their first offense. This is why it is important to contact a lawyer with expertise in driving offenses, since taking away your driver’s license can affect many aspects of your life, from social relationships to employment.

What many lawyers who fight against alcohol-related offenses fight for are mostly preventing their clients from suffering huge fines and significant jail terms. Drunk driving is a very hot topic which has spawned high penalties for those who have been caught and charged with it. Accumulated offenses can eventually lead to stiffer penalties and longer jail terms, which could be a shock to many motorists. Accepting a guilty conviction in the first offense can only make you vulnerable for heavier punishments for the next offenses, no matter how trivial they might be.

With strong advocacies on alcohol-related offenses, from driving under the influence to BUI, once convicted these convictions will stay on your record for a very long time. Because these records are public documents, they can affect your future in a significant way, such as going out of the country or finding employment. The consequences of being charged with any alcohol-related offense can be dire, thus the need to have proper legal consultation and representation in court.