I was out and about at the mall the other day, and I hopped in the elevator to go up a couple of floors to the store I was looking for. When I got in, it started shaking strangely and moved upward. I don’t think it had anything to do with weight capacity, seeing as I’m hopefully under 1,200lbs on my own. As it started upward, it shook again and stopped between two floors. I waited around a little in the elevator to see if anything would change before I hit the alarm button to get help. Nothing happened at first, so I considered hitting the fire marshall button, but I wanted to avoid doing that since it was midday and an employee or technician at the mall should have been able to help me before the fire department would. Or at least, they should.

I sat around beeping the alarm for what felt like 15 minutes. It wasn’t too hot, stuffy or crammed in the elevator at the very least, but I was starting to get really nervous after a little while. Eventually, someone came to the elevator because I’m sure someone heard the alarm and they told me to be patient and that they’d be getting me out as soon as possible. I was honestly just relieved that someone had even heard me, to begin with, it had begun to feel like I was going to be stuck in the elevator overnight. I sat around waiting for the elevator to move or for the door to open, but nothing really happened. They kept someone nearby to continually assure me they’re working on it and probably to keep me some form of company so I wouldn’t freak out. I strangely wasn’t too worried, as soon as I’d known someone was working on getting me out of there, I’d calmed down and lay off the little alarm button. The only thing that irked me is that I was supposed to be on my way to pick up a friend from the bus station, and at this rate, I was going to leave them waiting for as long as I am. The really annoying part was that I didn’t have any reception in the elevator to text him, or anyone else for that matter, about my situation. I couldn’t even stream music or keep myself entertained outside of what awful games I had on my phone. It took them quite a while to get the elevator back down to the original floor it was on, and then opened for me to get out.

Once I’d gotten out, the man waiting near the door with me apologized profusely, and what I assumed was the manager or property manager or something came and shook my hand and continually apologized, saying they had no clue there was anything wrong with the elevator and that they would have fixed it or turned it off had they known. He apologized for taking so long to which I said it’s fine although it wasn’t really. I looked up my legal options with the help of the Brunkenhoefer, P.C. website, later. I didn’t want to make a scene out of it, I just wanted to get out of the mall and over to pick up my friend and others who had blown up my phone in the meantime trying to find out where I am and why I wasn’t at the station. I quickly said that I have to go and took off to pick him up, calling everyone who had contacted me and telling them my great tale of entrapment.