Truck accidents many not be as common as other road accidents, but they are the ones that cause the most devastating damage and serious injuries. These major damages are mainly due to a commercial truck’s weight and size. Being a commercial truck driver is one of the most hazardous occupations there is in the United States today, yet despite the advocacies and laws regarding road safety, the public seems to disregard the dangers of driving next to commercial trucks. Specifically, there are areas around trucks referred to as “no-zones” that drivers should avoid driving in. These are spots where the truck driver’s ability to see you is impaired. Many people take advantage of trucking laws and believe they can get big money from the truck company’s insurance. This general confidence comes from the belief that in cases of truck accidents, the fault always falls on the truck driver, although this is not true all the time.

Trucking companies are spending money to try to dispel these assumptions. In order to guard the truck driver’s rights, many truck companies have invested in setting up dashboard cameras in front of their trucks. These dash cams (as they are most commonly called) help in protecting the drivers from false accusations or errors during an investigation of an accident. Many truck drivers have used these dash cams as defense in many road accidents that they were involved with.

Dash cams for commercial trucks are generally small with individual cameras that are mounted on the dashboards or windshields in front of the vehicles. These digital video recorders record everything that happens, and there are also variants that are installed in the back of the cab and record things that happen behind the vehicle. Some models are small and unobtrusive and others are bigger and more obvious to other motorists.

Many truck drivers feel like they are being unfairly targeted, especially in court during a commercial truck accident. These dash cams have become very handy for many truck drivers who have been involved in some kind of traffic offense and have been falsely accused of traffic violations or reckless driving. Many truck companies provide for dash cams in their commercial trucks, but truckers should also have their own personal dash cams, in cases where truck companies finds an offense against your driving.